All This For a Stitch

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by Philip Rae-Scott

Every single part from an 1899 Singer sewing machine, eco epoxy resin.

h: 150 w: 45 d: 24 (cms).

"Finding a working but obsolete Singer sewing machine in a junk shop for just £1, I felt compelled to expose its exquisitely engineered components, to champion mankind’s resourcefulness and inventiveness, whilst damning our wasteful culture. A project spanning a decade, ‘All This For a Stitch’ is the most risky sculpture I have made. Pouring resin at this scale without cracking or discolouration is beyond the rule books, and more likely to fail than succeed. After months of careful preparation, testing, much research, and with luck on my side, the pour worked perfectly. Furthermore, eliminating the ‘witness mark’ between pours took months of rumination, conversation and trials to overcome." Please note the actual size is 195 high x 45 x 24cm. The maximum allowed Imagine sculpture dimensions of 150 x 150 x 150cm equal a massive cubic volume of 3.375 M3. The volume of 'All This For a Stitch' is a tiny 0.21 M3 thanks to its small footprint. I hope that despite its height, you will forgive me for including it in my application for your consideration. Full details can be seen here . Please note - if this sculpture did sell at Imagine, I may need to include a caveat allowing me to borrow it for 1 week in mid September 2024 for an exhibition at The Serpentine Gallery in London. This would be at my expense, fully insured, and from past experience customers are generally flattered to lend their artworks for exhibition to increase provenance.


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