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by katherine xulu

Screen print

h: 33 w: 50 d: 1 (cms).

Screen print using photo-sensitive emulsion stencils and paper stencils layered over each other. I use acrylic paints thinned with a screen printing base medium. I like to play with mis-registration of my prints. It has become a theme of my work. I like not being bound to the constraints of perfectness. Life isn’t perfect. This image is inspired by trapeze artists in the circus. They are performing a dangerous manoeuvre where the male acrobat is catching the female trapeze artist if they mis-time she will fall. The image is from a real photo. The tiger is a carousel tiger and the paper cut out moon behind has an over lay of a chart of fate and horoscopes. This picture for me represents relationships and the fragility of life, love and fate and the need to trust others. It is an imaginary world reflecting real life situations we experience in life.

£60.00 (Unframed.)

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