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by Mark Corfield Corfield

Watercolour on polypropylene paper

h: 60 w: 70 d: 1 (cms).

Mark Corfield discovered this innovative approach using plastic paper and watercolours means there is no intereaction between the substrate and the medium. The pigment, paper and water being the elements that are the bridge between Corfield and nature. Leading principles in his work are colour, edges, fluidity, texture light and depth, but more importantly he is trying to abstract natural concepts, to realize the power of simplicity. Allowing the the pigments to behave naturally unhampered, chemically and physically, thus forming a collaboration with between the artist and the elements. He feels that a work should say something and be connected to a basic need in all of us to find, in an almost primeval way, a link with our roots to the earth; a higher sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves.

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