All Spent

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by harriet ferris


h: 25 w: 21 d: 14 (cms).

All Spent is a matt glazed stoneware sculpture and is an accumulation of many life sketches. I always have a sketch book with me and like to grab the opportunity to draw someone asleep, it could be a family member or stranger opposite me on the train. The figure has been purposefully glazed in thin layers which follow the contours of the face as if it has been drained of all energy. I have spent my whole life making things and have enjoyed a long career in jewellery since graduating from Central Saint Martins in the late 80’s. For the past four years though, I have been playing with clay, getting to know its strengths and limitations and gradually finding my path. My work has become a vehicle with which I can explore what it is to be human. Through my sculptures I hope to invite a personal response; to glimpse a moment in time, a memory, a feeling. I find great joy in the creative process, clays wonderfully versatile qualities let me get my ideas down quickly allowing instinct to take over. This close physical relationship with the material has been enlightening and I have been surprised at the ease with which it empowers me. These sculptures are a way of revealing and sharing my sensitivities to a life of lived experiences.


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